Building and Empowering through Entertainment and Sports​​

​A 501 (C) 3 Private Foundation


BEES provides active and former athletes and entertainers with the opportunity to leverage their talents in a variety of ways. Training can be completed via distance learning or in-person based upon one's learning style and preference. Following the successful completion of a chosen program, AEAP participants will be responsible for identifying a targeted sports and/or entertainment-related client to serve as a brand ambassadors. This effort will be supported by an ambassador coach and an activation advisory board.

Introductory Course

Brand Transformation

PART 1: Utilizing Transferable Skills

You have developed an amazing skill-set as a result of athletics competition and entertainment success. Learn how to apply these attributes in non-athletic and entertainment settings and bulldoze existing barriers to success.

PART 2: Bottle Your Core
Athletes and entertainers that have achieved individual, group and team success know the importance of following a roadmap to success. Discover your path by evaluating your values through the lens of belief behaviors.

PART 3: Owning Your Past

Failure, shame and guilt will close most any path to success. Compete with the challenges of your past through self-reflection, personal responsibility and ownership. 

PART 4: Score Cards, Boards and Records 
Take a close hard look at how you're doing in life by evaluating your personal and professional wins and losses. Take stock, share and utilize your boxscore headline to plan and succeed at new challenges. 

PART 5: Priority to Authority

Accomplishing goals and objectives starts with a focus on how you spend your time and talents. Our nine-part goal setting model helps you prioritize and accomplish your most important monthly tasks. 

Advanced Course

Breakthrough to Success

PART 1: Tapping Into Your True Power

Unlock your full potential and gain complete control over your life, so you can show up in the world in a much more powerful way.

PART 2: Discovering Your Purpose

Expand your self-awareness and gain powerful clarity on your true purpose in life - and how best to manifest it.

PART 3: Define Your Dreams

Activate the power of goal setting and design and step-by-step plan to make your biggest dreams a reality.

PART 5: Making the "Impossible" Possible

Reprogram your subconscious to seek out the opportunities and resources that will help you achieve your goals and make your vision a reality.

PART 6: Identifying and Overcoming Obstacles

Eliminate the mental and emotional roadblocks that have been holding you back from experiencing greater success in life.

​PART 7: Taking Inspired Action

​Tap into your deepest essence and learn how to take powerful action, letting nothing stop you from creating the life you want.

PART 8: Unleashing Your Full Potential

​Connect with your higher self, boost your confidence, self-respect and integrity, and activate the infinite potential inside you.

PART 9: Developing Success Habits

Remove energy blocks, boost your productivity, and keep your motivation high.

PART 10:  Creating Your Support Community

Learn how to develop strong relationships with people who will give you the support you need to achieve your goals and dreams.​​​