Four Programmatic Phases

  • Transitioning from High School
  • Transitioning from College
  • Professional Sports & Entertainment Transition 
  • Lifelong Learning & Purpose 
  • Values Clarification
  • Goal-Setting
  • Post-Secondary Education Exploration
  • ACT & SAT Prep
  • Basic Banking
  • Goal-Setting
  • Substance Abuse Education
  • Sex Education 
  • Violence Prevention
  • Communicating with Authority Figures  

Our belief is that athletes and entertainers (A&Es) desire to give back to the communities from which they were reared and become economic assets, business leaders, educators and role models.

Our first step is to ensure that youth participating athletics and fine arts are prepared for career and educational opportunities beyond high school.

Step two involves engaging A&Es once they have accomplished their career goals (e.g. making on Broadway, becoming a professional athlete, owning a music studio, etc.).

Step three is to solicit A&Es as branding agents whiling to donate the likeness and time to a particular event or workshop.

Our final step revolves around working with the A&Es team (e.g. agent, accountant, business advisory, publicist, etc.) for a commitment to engage. 

1. To organize programs and services that directly effect socio-economic and educational mobility.

2. To support existing organizations that foster athletics and fine arts participation.

3. To make human and financial commitments to organizations with goals and objectives that are consistent with our mission.


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Online Learning

We have partnered with branding expert Kaplan Mobray to offer partnering organizations with a free online course. Click here to learn more about our featured course--The 10Ks of Personal Branding.

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