Our Approach

Our Belief

Our belief is that athletes and entertainers desire to give back to the communities from which they were reared and become economic assets, business leaders, educators and role models.

Step 1

ensure young people interested in athletics and the arts prepare for career and educational opportunities

Step 2 

teach athletes and entertainers from targeted communities to maximize  post-secondary education

opportunities and experiences 

Step 3

 assist athletes and entertainers with their professional transition by tapping into the mission, goals

and objectives of charitable organizations

Step 4

help athletes and entertainers define themselves beyond 

their gifts and talents while helping them explore their passions, interests, and purpose

Step 5 

solicit athletes and entertainers as branding agents willing to donate their likeness and time to events, causes, etc.

Step 6
show athletes and entertainers how to maximize charitable giving
and create sustainable endowment strategies